Essex Voluntary Sector Consortium

4SX is a new voluntary sector consortium body set up to facilitate the coordination of VS partners bidding for services. It will enable the voluntary sector in Essex to bid for larger contracts to deliver best value for commissioners.  It is formed and led from voluntary organisations with an aim to bring capacity and value to the tendering process.  It will bid and win contracts that can be delivered through consortium and sub contracting models using its members.

The 4SX "Essex Carers - The Way to Work"project is co-funded by the Big Lottery Fund and the European Social Fund and is designed to fit with the complex needs of unpaid carers and help support both registered and unregistered Carers across Essex to tackle immediate problems, build confidence and resilience, improve health and wellbeing.

We will focus on Carers who would like to work and maintain contact with the Labour Market but are not currently supported to do so. Project beneficiaries will include young and older Carers, those in urban and rural areas and those experiencing additional barriers to employment   


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