Associate Membership


Whilst there are clear advantages in being a Full Member of 4SX as this status provides the prime pool of delivery organisations, Associate also carries benefits. These include:

  • Access to advice, information and support through 4SX relating to general issues pertaining to organisational development and specifically quality assurance and the functional aspects of managing information and managing finances
  • At some future date 4SX aspires to be in a position where it can offer some advice and support for building the capacity of the Associate members in order that they can progress, if appropriate and relevant, to become a full members eligible to receive funding via sub-contracting arrangements. It is the expectation that such support will be provided via CVS/infrastructure bodies.
  • The potential to network with other members, Full and Associate. The consortium can put Associate members in touch with other members that are interested in delivering particular contracts outside of the consortium.
  • Full Members may enable Associate Members to access spot purchasing . Where there are gaps in service provision, which can be met by organisations that are Associate Members, supply chains for particular contracts may be created that include a component of spot purchasing. This will enable inclusion of providers that are unable to meet the criteria for full , but are uniquely able to provide niche services as Associate Members.