The Board of 4SX is constituted of representatives from voluntary sector organisations in Essex.  Here are the Board members: 

Name    Organisation        What we think..   
Paul Ramsden    Carers Choices     Paul Photo cropped.jpg   '4SX has a mutual benefit to the voluntary sector and commissioners working in partnership to deliver better outcomes for people at best value'   
Nick Shuttleworth   

Rural Community Council for Essex 

  Nick Shuttleworth  cropped.jpg    'I think 4SX is an exciting opportunity for the voluntary and community sector in Essex. By coming together, we will be able to bid for contracts that would be beyond our reach as individual organisations.'   
Paul Feasey     SignPost    Paul Feasey   “4SX is a direct response to the changing working environment for all Voluntary Sector Organisations. Clearly we must adapt if we are to continue. The skill in this will be balancing Voluntary Sector Values against Commercial Self Interest. I have agreed to become a Director of 4SX because this balancing act is being handled with intelligence and sensitivity to the betterment of both the people of Essex and the organisations that serve them.”   
Steve Fisher
   Hamlin Trust