Welcome to the Prospectus for 4SX, an Essex based consortium owned and run by its voluntary and community sector members.

4SX was originally conceived by the Essex CEO Forum in response to growing feedback from commissioners to reduce the number of contracts they managed whilst increasing the diversity and innovation inherent within the delivery of those contracts. With seed funding from the Thriving Third Sector Fund, 4SX has now evolved to a point at which it is a legal entity and can start to build up its .

Our focus is on individual organisations working collaboratively in order to win and deliver public sector contracts and access other . 4SX is a chance to provide a unified front, celebrating everything that is good about the voluntary and community sector. We believe that we are stronger together, can meet the needs of communities better as a collective and have the capacity to innovate on a scale that is impossible alone.

Membership will be open to all, but as a small organisation ourselves we must do this in a managed way that brings realisable benefits to its members. We have engaged the services of ACEVO Solutions to provide the business development capability, which can be summed up as: FIND, WRITE, WIN - that is: find the contracts we can collectively bid for, help write the tender responses and then win the business.

We know that a consortium is not the only way we will collectively win and deliver public sector contracts, there are already other good of partnerships across the county. However, as a legally constituted company limited by shares, we present a formal vehicle through which we can attract funding and improve the lives of our beneficiaries.

It won't be for everyone, and there are no promises that funds will be immediately forthcoming as a result of being a member, but I do hope you will have the same longer term vision as your peers have had and join us in a true Essex partnership.

Best wishes

Andrew Gardner, Former Chief Executive, Age UK Essex