There are two categories of membership, Full and Associate.

The criteria for membership fall under four headings with Full Members needing to meet all criteria and Associates being required to achieve a, b, and c.

a. Not-for-profit sector

b. Area of Operation

c. Commitment to Consortium Working

d. Contract Readiness (i.e. PQQ Compliant)

1) Voluntary and community or other not for profit organisation

Consortium membership will be open to charities, voluntary and community groups, social enterprises and other not for profit organisations. Any member will need to have clear social and charitable objectives in its governance document.

2) Area of operation

Members must be based in Essex or delivering services in Essex. Trustees reserve the right to decide on an individual basis, what is the minimum level of service delivery for potential members. Trustees reserve the right to offer membership to organisations not currently working in Essex, where there is a persuasive business reason for doing so. (This criterion is not intended to rule out the possibility of newly created organisations joining the consortium)

3) Commitment to consortium working

Commitment to participating actively in the consortium's development and sharing expertise,

knowledge and experience with other members

4) Contract Readiness

All consortium full members must be able to meet the policy, procedure and organisational requirements of current public sector PQQs. This is vital because the consortium will need to demonstrate that its members can meet the minimum standards demanded by procurement officers. Associate members will have to show how they are working towards PQQ compliance.

As part of contract readiness, member organisations must have in place information systems such that they are able to provide the hub with regular information relating to client numbers, case details, financial performance etc. information must be provided in a form that is complete, clear and accurate.